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Often, the excitement of a foreign holiday leads to a relaxation of the normal precautions you would take at home. You may hurt yourself taking part in unusual, strenuous activities; become indisposed in an atmosphere combining unaccustomed weather, exotic foods, and plenty of alcoholic drinks; or simply by bad luck end up in the local hospital. Appendicitis can happen at any time, anywhere, and if you were in the United States it could cost you upwards of $25000. Hotel rooms are not as safe as they should be and personal belongings sometimes go missing. Even before arriving, or on your return, the airline might lose your baggage. You must also think of the possibility of having to cancel your travel arrangements due to unforeseen circumstances.

In all these cases, a good travel insurance policy will bring you, at least, peace of mind over the financial situation, and will in most cases cover you also for civil liability and legal costs should you need them.

Insurers will rarely cover those who are not resident in their country. Argos Travel Insurance accepts cover for residents of the UK and Ireland; JS Insurance accepts residents of the UK and the Channel islands; For those living in the United States of America, Allianz and Atlas Travel Insurance can give you an on-line quote. Finally, Worldwide Travel Insurance is really worldwide and quotes for residents of any country including, obviously, the UK, the European Union, and the USA.

Don't be puzzled by differences in premium, which may translate into the quality of service or the length of delay to refund any eventual disbursements. Click on the logos below, and make sure that the cover proposed meets your needs and expectations.

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