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Despite the abundance of travel sites offering the best and cheapest prices, the fact remains that most major hotel chains guarantee the lowest Internet rates, if they are booked in their websites.

Therefore, if you are looking for a hotel with facilities and service that you can trust, as that offered by the industry’s household names, visit our pages. They direct you to the hotels’ own websites, and provide you with just about all you need to know before travelling to any of a number of growing destinations.

Liberalization and the Internet

The Internet brought about far reaching changes in the travel industry. The final years of last century saw airlines and hotels begin a gradual disengagement from their long-standing relationship with travel agents. These were the historical providers of services in the business and leisure travel sectors, in exchange for a commission on sales.

Airlines in Europe used to pay travel agents 9% commission on the tickets that they issued. With the liberalization of the air industry, airlines were forced to look for ways of cutting costs. First, the payment to travel agents was cut to 7%. Then, the increased reliance on their own websites, and the facility to have passengers book directly and pay immediately, led to further distancing from travel agents. Nowadays, most airlines have moved to “zero commission ”, forcing intermediaries to charge an additional fee for the processing of the reservation, or seek alternative strategies to compensate for loss of revenue.

Hotels were not far behind in copying the airlines. Hotel chains, in particular, developed websites with inbuilt booking engines that allow accurate availability in real-time. In many cases, deposits are not required, and when they are requested, guests have the assurance that they are dealing directly with the hotel, bypassing intermediaries. Cancellation policies have also become more liberal, usually free of any penalties.

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Most of all, the majority of chains, and all those that are featured in this website, guarantee the lowest available Internet rates for any specific room and date. After all, as they are the ones that set the rates they provide to agents, they can guarantee, in confidence, that their rates are the lowest.

Pinto Tours' pages provide useful information on the destinations and hotels featured. Unlike what happens with a travel agent, you are directed to the hotels’ own websites and book directly with them. If you reach their booking systems through the links provided in these pages, they are supposed to pay a small commission to Pinto Tours, which is an encouragement to maintain and expand the website.

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