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This is my life!

My name is: Camilo P. Q. de Barros. 

me in another life
This is a picture of me some years ago. I don't want to frighten you with a current one...

After a spell as a young hotel receptionist, I spent a few years with airlines, and a rent-a-car firm. Then, I started Pinto Tours.

Pinto Tours Ltd was an Incoming Tour Operator and Ground Handling Agent in the UK, Portugal, and Jersey, from the early 80s to the mid 90s, specializing, chiefly, in travel arrangements between Portugal and London.

The Company closed in 1995, due to problems brought about by overwork. For the next few years, until I slowed-down in 2002, I travelled the world, bringing up the number of countries that I have visited extensively (and many repeatedly) to around 160. I decided to see this world, before I go to the next!

The birth of a daughter, and later her education needs, did not dampen my wanderlust, but brought its intensity to an end. Since then, somewhat missing the Travel Industry, I used my contacts to continue a much smaller operation based on the organization of ad-hoc groups, worldwide. And later, I started developing this website.

I hope that you find it useful, providing the type of information that you need. I have included affiliate advertisements in most pages, hoping that my visitors may click on them, and make their bookings “through” my pages. I am supposed to get a small commission for sales that are redirected from my site (when you click on the link). The eventual purchase and payment is done directly in the website of the hotel, airline, rent-a-car, etc.

I have chosen the advertisers carefully and believe in their claim (particularly the hotels’) that they guarantee the lowest rates anywhere on the Internet. After all, they are the ones that give rates to the various hotel booking sites, and would not make sense giving a guarantee if they knew that they had given an agent a lower rate.

So, please, if you are planning a holiday or business trip, have a look at the rate you can get directly with the hotel, through this site, and then compare it with what you can get elsewhere on-line. I hope that you will return to this site if, as expected, you cannot find a better deal. Pinto is one of my surnames. I spent years trying to use it as an acronym, but always got stuck on the middle "N": "Portuguese International ??? Tour Operator". If you can think of something, let me know. Meanwhile remember Pinto as a horse: a riding holiday? - (dot-net, not dot-com)

Although I have published pages for only a few destinations, among the various hotels chains I am associated with, the whole world is covered. Please, use the Search facility at the top to find hotels in the city that you are visiting. It will display a list of all the chains that guarantee the lowest on-line rates.

Please, do contact me if you need any information that you can’t find in my site. I would be very happy to be given the opportunity to be useful.

Thank you!


 Reviewed: 18/11/2018

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