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Public holidays in Barcelona 2016

Date Name Area Remarks
01Jan New Year National
06Jan Reyes (Epiphany) National Traditionally, the day Christmas presents are distributed.
24Mar Maundy Thursday Catalonia Celebrates Christ's Last Supper.
25Mar Good Friday National
28Mar Easter Monday Catalonia
23Apr San Jordi (St George) Catalonia Like In England, St.George is the Patron Saint of Catalonia. On this day, men give red roses to the ladies, and receive books in return.
01May Labour Day National
16May Whit Monday Catalonia Moved in 2015 from the traditional date of 25 May, due to local elections.
24Jun San Juan Catalonia Join the crazy, noisy street parties that commemorate the summer solstice.
15Aug Asuncion National Celebrates the Christian belief of the Virgin Mary's ascent into Heaven after her death.
11Sep Catalonia Day Catalonia In 1714, after a long siege, Spain's King Philip V defeated the Catalonian troops backing the Habsburg pretender to the Spanish throne. That defeat meant the loss of the rights and separate laws Catalonia had under its own Constitution. The quest to regain the lost independence lives on and is commemorated on this day.
24Sep La Merce Barcelona More riotous street parties to say good.bye to the summer. It lasts for 5 days!
12Oct Columbus Day NationalThe National Day of Spain. The date celebrates the day Columbus arrived in the Bahamas, his first contact with what he thought was the Far East!
01Nov All Saints Day National Traditional day for visiting graves of relatives.
06Dec Constitution Day National Celebrates the referendum for the new Constitution in 1978 following the long period of dictatorship.
08Dec Immaculate Conception National Religious holiday dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
25Dec Christmas Day National
26Dec St Stephen's Day Catalonia First known Christian martyr, stoned to death for his religious beliefs.