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Electricity in Spain

Updated April 2016

The electricity supply in Spain operates at 220 volts / 50 Hz. Many British appliances, are designed to operate on the range 220-240 volts and will work without any problems. If you find that they expect 240 volts only, some, like kettles, irons, or hair dryers may take a little longer to reach their desired temperatures. Always, check the voltage of the appliance before use; it should be clearly displayed, either printed on a label, or stamped somewhere on the material of its casing.

The wall sockets are generally two-round pin: the earthed "Type F" for general use; or the non-earthed “Type C” for small appliances requiring up to 2.5 amps.

Spanish electric socket

If you are travelling from a country with a different plug/socket type, you should take a travel adapter with you to enable you to plug your electrical devices into the available wall sockets, once you arrive in Spain. However, most hotels, especially those from the higher categories, will lend you an adapter if you forget to bring it with you.

Visitors from other continents, should bear in mind that if the supply in their country is lower (USA and most of the Americas operate on 110 volts) their electrical appliances will not work in Europe, safely. Using a 110 volt appliance where 220 volt is supplied can damage the equipment and cause a fire; you would need a voltage converter, not an adapter!

Having said that, nowadays, most travelling appliances accept a wide range of voltages, from 110 volts to 240 volts, therefore, being adaptable to most countries' supply. However, check carefully the voltage stamped on the device before plugging it into the socket.

If you are planning a longer trip and stay at remote rural accommodation, bear in mind that the supply could be unstable and computers might need a voltage stabilizer in the way of a transformer. Besides, many older properties may still have the old 115 volt supply, while throughout Spain power outages, and drops from 220 volts to around 200 volts are not uncommon.

Most hotel rooms, nowadays, have hairdryers, kettles, and irons, either fitted or available on loan from Reception. So, other than personal items like electric shavers, or curling tongs, there is no need to carry what is already there waiting for you, on arrival.

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