Guaranteed lowest hotel rates

How to get the lowest hotel rates anywhere

Despite the abundance of travel sites offering the best and cheapest prices, the fact remains that most major hotel chains guarantee the lowest Internet rates, if they are booked in their websites. ...Full article...

How to beat the hotel thieves

Do not disturb my bags

The first thing many travellers do on arrival at a hotel is to unpack and place their carefully chosen clothes and accessories in the various cupboards and drawers available in the hotel room. Unfortunately, they might not be there when it is time to leave....Full article...

Are hotel room safes really safe

How safe are hotel safes?

Your laptop, camera, money and other valuables are items that you may have to leave in the “safety” of the hotel when you travel. Are the safe deposit boxes in the guest rooms or those located in Reception sufficiently secure?...Full article...

Don't drink tap water on holiday. Ice is made of tap water

Don't let the 'runs' ruin your holiday

Travelling to distant, exotic places, where the general standards of hygiene leave a lot to be desired is an invitation to gastrointestinal disorders, more commonly the dreaded traveller’s diarrhoea....Full article...

Plan before going abroad, in case you lose your credit cards

If you lose everything

Imagine that you are in rural China and you lose your wallet with all your money, credit cards, passport and other documents. You do not speak Chinese and cannot find anyone that speaks a language that you understand....Full article...

Terrorist threats bound to disrupt air travel

As usual, authorities rather than predicting likely problems arising in airline security, take panic measures after tragic events. The loss of the Russian aircraft departing from Sharm el Sheikh, now confirmed to have been downed by a bomb placed on-board, provoked governments into cancelling flights to the area and in rescuing remaining tourists without their baggage.

The possibility of placing explosive devices inside a plane exists at every airport in the world, irrespective of the amount and quality of its security. The aircraft is visited by technicians, cleaners, catering staff and baggage loaders who have the ability to introduce forbidden items into the aircraft with little supervision. Vetting staff can only give assurances to a point. Should airports ban certain types of employees, based, for instance, on their religion? Of course, not! How far can the inspection of catering and cleaning facilities go? The liquids taken on board for cleaning purposes may well be explosive and been delivered air-side by criminals. Similarly, are all the bottles and cans that enter the airport boundaries, and will eventually be loaded onto a plane, examined and analyzed in detail?

Full security is impossible. The idea of flying without hold baggage is an extreme that hopefully will not be taken up. Soon, there would be bans on cabin luggage and even clothing. Everybody strips off and wears a uniformly loose-fit habit...

So, is there no solution? Well, maybe there is, and it starts by accepting the well-known roots of the current problems: Palestine, foreign armed forces in Saudi Arabia, neo-colonialism, major western economies' reliance on Gulf oil, sale of arms, and lack of respect for other cultures.

'Tit for tat' is not the answer.