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Public holidays

Updated April 2016

Bank holidays in Bali and Jakarta 2016

Date Name Area Remarks
01Jan New Year National
08Feb Chinese New Year National
09Mar Bali Day of Silence Bali Evokes the state of the Universe before Creation. Everything is closed, even the airport; motor traffic not allowed anywhere on the island, and visitors are required to stay in their lodgings.
25Mar Good Friday National
01May International Labour Day National
05May Ascension Day National Christ's ascension to Heaven.
06May Ascension of the Prophet Mohammad National
22May Birth of Buddha National
04Jul Cuti Bersama National These are extra days declared by the government, usually before or after major holidays.
05Jul Cuti Bersama National See above.
06Jul End of Ramadan National
07Jul Hari Raya Puasa NationalReligious festival to celebrate the end of Ramadan.
08Jul Cuti Bersama National See above.
17Aug Independence Day National Independence from the Netherlands in 1945.
12Sep Idul Adha NationalIslam's day of Sacrifice. Commemorates Abrahim's assent to God's command to sacrifice his son Ishmael.
02Oct Islamic New Year National
12Dec Birthday of the Prophet Mohammad National
24Dec Cuti Bersama NationalSee above.
25Dec Christmas Day National
26Dec Cuti Bersama NationalSee above.

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