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Public holidays in 2016

Date Name Area Remarks
01Jan New Year National
04Jan Epiphany National Celebrates the visit to the baby Jesus by the Three Wise Kings. Moved from the 6th, according to local laws if it does not fall on a weekend, it must be moved to a Monday. Working day!
21Jan Our Lady of Altagracia National The Virgin Mary is the patroness and protector of the Dominicans.
25Jan Duarte's Day National Juan Pablo Duarte was one of the founders of the Dominican Republic having inspired the movement that led to the ousting of the Haitians that controlled the island of Hispaniola, at the time. Moved from the 26th, to fall on a Monday (see above). Working day!
27Feb Independence Day National On Februray 27, 1844, gained independence from the Haitians.
25Mar Good Friday National
02May International Labour Day National Moved from the 1st, to fall on a Monday (see above). Working day!
26May Corpus Christi National Celebrates the belief that the body and blood of Christ are present in the Holy Communion.
16Aug Restoration Day National Having won independence from Haiti in 1844, the Dominicans soon lost it to Spain: After a 2-year war they restored their sovereignty back in 1865.
24Sep Our Lady of Las Mercedes National In honour of the Virgin, as "Our Lady of Mercy".
06Nov Constitution Day National The constitution of November 6, 1844.
25Dec Christmas Day National