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Punta Cana
El Conuco by permission of Management

Updated April 2016

In a city with a population approaching three million, made up of an historical ethnic mix of Spanish, Indigenous, and Africans, to which were added more recently Haitians, Middle Eastern and Western arrivals, it is not surprising to find a wide variety of cuisine on offer. Besides, the influx of tourists from the nearby United States of America gave rise to restaurants catering for that niche of the market.

Listed below are some centrally-located restaurants recommended by Western residents of Santo Domingo. They are not advertisements and are only included to give you an idea of the variety.

Dominican Republic food

Pat’e Palo, Atarazana #25, Zona Colonial,

Described as an European Brasserie and the first tavern in the New World, this is an historic venue in the heart of the Old Town. Eating outside "al fresco" adds to the gastronomic experience. $15/60

El Conuco, Casimiro de Moya #152

Menu online:

A great place to experience real Dominican food served in large portions, unique traditional setting (see image above), and customs, with plenty of entertainment, and music to get you off the table and dance the evening away., $10/30

Outback Steakhouse, Acropolis Center

An American restaurant for those missing home... Temporarily closed. $$

El Mesón De La Cava, Av Mirador Sur 1

A very unusual restaurants situated in a huge natural cave, home in past centuries to natives, pirates, and guerrillas fighting for independece. A great atmosphere offering a range of international and traditional cuisine including seafood (lobster) There is a bar for those preferring a drink a some light bites, and a terrace above with tropical vegetation, simpler menu and live music. $20/40

Try their great Sunday brunch

Segazona, Calle El Conde #54, Zona Colonial

This was the original Segafredo (see below). Italian cuisine and a relaxed atmosphere where you can eat or have a drink. Plenty of outdoor seating in a romantic street of the Old Town. $10/20

Segafredo Espresso Cafe Novo-Centro , Av. Lope de Vega #29 Pizzas from $10/20

The popular Segafredo moved from the Zona Colonial to a new, modern location at this prestigious shopping Mall. The same quality pizzas and other Italian dishes in a sophisticated atmosphere. $10/20

Adrian Tropical, Avenida George Washington #2

Right on the Malecon with superb views over the Sea. Traditional Dominican cuisine with plenty of seafood as well as meat dishes. The fact that it is frequented by the locals is their best advertisement. $$

In general, if you avoid the more expensive dishes, you should get a reasonably good western style main dish for between $10 and $20, while for very economical eating you could try the small street corner places that serve "plato del dia", which is plate of the day - usually with several options for less that $5, that can be more representative of the national cuisine of the Dominican Republic.

Please, bear in mind that all prices mentioned above are subject to sales Tax at 18%, and a service charge of 10% may added to the bill. Altogether, a $100 bill will amount to $129.80, which is virtually a 30% increase!

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